Keith Harper

Welcome to my website and thank you for your interest in my work.

My commercially available prints are included on this site in a variety of sizes up to 60x40. I shoot both color and black and white. Please contact me if you are interested in a piece shown but are considering a different format, size or medium.

I started with landscape photography but have covered a variety of genres including still life and abstract. Recently I’ve focused on nudes in nature, including digital manipulation such as double exposure and wet plate effects. I attempt to capture the beauty of the female form in a mostly natural setting. My compositions often provide equal prominence to the model and her environment.

Largely self taught, I have attended (and learned much) from workshops by Kim Weston, Craig Blacklock, and Joel Belmont. While my drive for artistic vison was influenced by these fine photographers, I enjoy model photography because it is a collaborative endeavor. My fine art nudes owe much to the creative input of the models involved.


Black & White Magazine Gold Award 2009

Black & White Magazine Merit Award 2010

Black and White Magazine Portfolio Spotlight Winner 2019


Pictura - a midwest non-profit promoting contemporary fine art photography (thank you!)